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Bone Density Scan Specialist in Fort Myers FL, and Lehigh Acres FL

Visit Dr. Pedro Ylisastigui MD, to check for signs of osteoporosis by performing bone density tests. Learn more about bone density tests and other services we offer at our facilities, contact us for more information or schedule an appointment online! We have convenient locations to serve you in Lehigh Acres FL and Fort Myers FL!

Bone Density Scan Specialist Near Me in Lehigh Acres, FL and Fort Myers, FL
Bone Density Scan Specialist Near Me in Lehigh Acres, FL and Fort Myers, FL

Table of Contents:

What is a bone density test and how is it done?
What can show up on a bone density test?
How do you know if you need a bone density test?
What happens if your bone density is low?

It is easy to take bone strength and density for granted, as individuals with low bone density often do not know they have this issue until they experience one or more fractures without significant trauma to the bone. With that being said, if you are concerned that you have low bone density, the best way to find out is by having a bone density test done. At Dr. Pedro Ylisastigui MD in Lehigh Acres and Fort Myers, Florida, our medical providers would be happy to provide you with a bone density test so that you can either seek treatment or have peace of mind about your bones!

What is a bone density test and how is it done?

A bone density test measures the strength, thickness, and amount of calcium and minerals present in your bones. The test, also known as a dual-energy x-ray absorptiometry (DEXA) scan, is performed using low-dose X-ray or electromagnetic energy.

During a bone density test, the patient lies on their back on a padded table with their legs straight or resting on a padded platform. The DEXA scanning machine will then pass over the patient’s hip and lower spine region while a photon generator passes beneath the patient. Images of the patient’s bones are produced by the two machines and transferred to a nearby computer, where the medical provider will view the images. In order to produce the most accurate results, the patient will be asked to remain completely still as the machines pass.

What can show up on bone density scan?

With a bone density test, a doctor can diagnose or rule out different conditions involving the bones while also assessing the patient’s risk of experiencing various bone illnesses and injuries. As such, a bone density test can reveal the following about a person’s bone health:

• Detect or rule out osteopenia (low bone mass) or osteoporosis (severe bone loss),
• Evaluate a person’s risk of fractures and broken bones
• Identify areas of bone loss
• Measure the number of specific minerals in a person’s bones, including hydroxyapatite (calcium and phosphorus), magnesium, sodium, and bicarbonate

How do you know if you need a bone density scan?

There are several indications that you may need a bone density test. In general, bone density tests are highly recommended for women who are 65 years of age or older, as women in that age range are at higher risk of losing bone density than the rest of the general population. Men who are 70 years of age or older are also encouraged to have a bone density test. Other indications that you may need a bone density test include the following:

• Calcium and vitamin D deficiency
• Experienced one or more fractures after the age of 50
• Family history of osteoporosis
• Loss of half an inch or more in height within a single year
• Significant drop in hormone levels
• Take certain medications, such as long-term use of various steroid medications
• Very low body weight

What happens if your bone density is low?

If you have low bone density, you may not experience any symptoms. However, your risk of experiencing fractures becomes much more significant than usual, and you may experience fractures more frequently.

For more information about bone density tests or to schedule a bone density test with us at Dr. Pedro Ylisastigui MD clinic, we would be pleased to hear from you! Please feel welcome to call us or schedule an appointment through our website. We have two clinics located in Fort Myers, FL, and Lehigh Acres, FL. We serve patients from Lehigh Acres FL, Fort Myers FL, Buckingham FL, Cypress Lake FL, Gateway FL, Cape Coral FL, Palmona Park FL, and Alva FL.